Hi, the game 4624 is ready in App Store. Check it out!

The game is simple. For example, given a number, say 24. you can merge 4 and 6 (i.e. 4 x 6) to form 24.

You can also merge 3 and 8 instead.

The part that I find it more fun is you can split a number. i.e. from 8 to 2 and 4.

By doing that, you can mix and match (split and merge) the numbers.

To make 24, you can do 2, 3, 4 (taken from the 8).

Why doing this?

Because number 4 might be far away from 2 & 3, you use the 4 (from the number 8).

Let me know how you are doing with it.

4624 – Game Tricks

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